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Villas In Majorca/Mallorca

Posted by on February 3, 2022


Breathtaking Villas in Majorca (Mallorca)

Before I started today’s topic of finding perfect Villas in Majorca (or Mallorca) I realised I always use”Mallorca” when speaking but when writing I flit between Majorca and Mallorca and hesitate as to which one to use! Why has this beautiful Balearic Island have essentially 2 names? I doubt there are many other countries that have 2 different spellings for their name so how did this come about?

Upon some trusted research (Google), the bottom line is that the correct spelling is Mallorca. Majorca came about more so because of the pronunciation from different dialects and the spelling stuck, more with the Brits than other nationalities. The British invented the ‘j’ in Majorca, because they struggled to pronounce the double l, pronounced ‘y’. The Majorca Daily Bulletin is the leading English newspaper on the Island, providing daily news and information for English-speaking residents in the Balearic Islands in English since 1962. I have heard rumours that there was talk of changing the ‘J’ to the correct spelling of Mallorca, although I’m not sure it matters that much some 50 years later! Regardless of whether you use Majorca or Mallorca there is no getting away from the magical pull of this Island and there are some breathtaking Villas in Majorca/Mallorca to be rented for your summer holiday getaways, for sale if you want a second home or if you want to relocate completely and make Majorca/Mallorca your first home.

On my first holiday to Majorca, I bought a guide book cheap cymbalta no prescription which has been my trusted friend to make sure I don’t miss anything, after all, there are so many hidden gems to discover. I particularly loved an extract out of it which many years later is still so true:

Majorca is the Island of a thousand faces. Giants, films stars, dragons, lucky millionaires…varied geography, a source of surprises…Majorca is a contradictory island: there the present and past live alongside eachother.

Searching for Villas in Majorca/Mallorca

Searching for Villas in Majorca/Mallorca can be a daunting task. When the team at Balearic-Living receive an enquiry requesting a Villa in Majorca for sale or for rental, we contact the client to ascertain as much information as possible, so we can provide specific support. Have you been to Majorca before? Is there a specific area in mind? What is your minimum requirement for facilities/pool/no of bedrooms/land/budget? Once we have elicited the basics we trawl through our vast portfolio of properties for sale or rent and as your trusted Real Estate Agent we come up with some suggestions and go from there. On the rare occasions we don’t have anything immediately suitable we put on our Mallorca Property Finder hat and we start searching for those perfect Villas in Majorca/Mallorca on your behalf.

Below I have picked a couple of my current favourite Villas in Majorca to highlight the different price and Villa ranges that are out there! If you are interested in any of these or something similar please contact us at Balearic-Living

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