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Benefits of using a Property Finder in Mallorca

Posted by on February 3, 2022

Balearic Living offer properties for sale in Mallorca, holiday lets and long term rental properties. Our bespoke Property finder in Mallorca service evolved when we started receiving enquiries from people who found that none of the properties on our sales listings page were really meeting their requirements. We would then undertake the role of Property finder in Mallorca and present you a shortlist of properties to choose from! This worked so successfully, we now offer this service to all our clients rather than just promoting the properties we have on our database, after all, we love a good challenge!

Let’s meet for coffee
We get started by having quite a comprehensive chat to understand your needs so that you avoid fruitless trips and wasted time. This can be arrange in person or via Skype.

Balearic Living work with an extensive network of trusted local Mallorcan Property Agents, some of their properties may not even be listed on the Internet or in the public domain. Our tailored property finder in Mallorca service is always professional, attentive and discrete. Plus, you have the added benefit that it won’t cost you anymore than if you went to Estate Agents in Mallorca direct!

Stress-free house hunting

Don’t let house hunting stress you out! Even if you are purchasing in your local hometown, it can be a daunting, confusing and stressful. One of the biggest benefits of using a Property Finder in Mallorca is that we will deal with those unknown estate agents for you, and usually already have an excellent relationship with them.Spanish may not be your mother tongue and that is no problem for us,don’t cymbalta online worry about the language, we will explain everything clearly to both sides and liaise with the agents to negotiate the best deal for you. We will also help translate various documents so that you understand what is going on at every stage of your journey.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]You wont need to worry about the Spanish legal system, tax implications or property management once you have your house – we will be able to assist you in all those matters since we have years of experience in the industry, we have many reputable contacts to support you through our trusted network of Estate Agents, builders, developers and individuals selling. So, if you are thinking of buying in Mallorca, you’ve searched through the Internet, you haven’t found your dream home yet, then why not call us for a no obligation consultation?

Your portal for information
We will be pleased to give you advice on areas in Mallorca to buy depending on the lifestyle you want and the budget you have. We can quickly filter out the properties you don’t need to see – saving you time! We have knowledge only locals can really have. We may have access to properties that will never be marketed.

Mallorca is often known as the “Island of a thousand faces” Stunning natural beauty, 300 days on average of sunshine per year, beautiful beaches, Tramuntana mountains, historic city of Palma…the list goes on! You can be part of this, and we can help make it happen. Call us or email today and choose Balearic Living as your Property Finder in Mallorca!

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